Best Bay Area restaurant desserts

Town Hall
With the hearty portions at Town Hall, it’s hard to leave room for desserts. But with the restaurant’s enviable selection of beautifully prepared sweets, it would be a mistake not to. My favorite, Butterscotch and chocolate pot the crème topped with butter crunch.


Pastry chef Michelle Polzin creates inventive desserts that are fresh and flavorful. Like the Chocolate crêpes with pink grapefruit, chocolate gelato and pink peppercorns.

Thomas Keller’s restaurant serves carefully prepared bistro desserts like Mousse au chocolat and Pot de crème. And of course, Bouchons–the small chocolate brownie-like treats named for their cork-like shape.

Honorable mention

Mission Beach Cafe
MBC’s house made pies and cakes are among the best in the city. Well worth ordering as dessert; even better as takeout–the restaurant sells whole pies to go.

Well worth a trip

WD-50, NY

Alex Stupak, the renowned pastry chef from Alinea today runs the dessert station at wd-50 in NY. His desserts are imaginative and flavorful combining avant garde molecular gastronomy techniques and tasty concoctions.

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Single Guy Ben said...

Mmm, I love any dessert with butterscotch!