Best Bay Area original design

No winner
You may have read my frequent criticisms San Francisco’s dining scene. Point is, I think the Bay Area has some of the best restaurants in the world. Period. But while all the focus seems to go on the food and service, the architecture and design are, simply put, boring. Read on.


Foreign Cinema
Foreign Cinema wins points more for the originality of its concept than for the execution. But the idea of a fine dining drive-in is great; and even if you never look at the screen, the atmosphere it creates its absolutely worth it.

Honorable mentions

The elegant dining room at Spruce makes one of the most beautiful restaurant interiors in the city. With imposing high ceilings, a bright skylight and remarkable art on the walls, it’s less about originality but definitely about good taste.

Pizzeria Delfina
There’s nothing fancy about this tiny restaurant. Every nook is taken, no space is left unused. People pack inside and outside waiting for their turn to sit. So what’s so original about Pizzeria Delfina? The atmosphere. And it’s all about the loud soundtrack.

Well worth a trip

Bazaar, LA
In the signature Philippe Starck look, a whimsical mix and match of styles where antique and hyper-modern are curiously rendered together. Four distinct dining rooms, each one with its own personality offer guests an immersive, fun dining experience. I call it a dining and design wonderland.

Lever House, NY
The restaurant was designed from the ground up by Marc Newson, one of the most prolific designers of his generation. With an investment of 5 Million dollars, Newson created a retro modern interior that paid homage to the 50s’ vision of the future while being enviously contemporary. In my opinion, the most beautifully designed restaurant in NY. Unfortunately, Lever House closed its doors in April leaving behind just the memory of an outstanding space.

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