The best of No Salad

So here we are, one year later. Sixty reviews, hundreds of meals, thousands of photographs, countless pounds of butter and hopefully not so many cholesterol points–results coming soon.

In the past 12 months, I dined out more than the previous 2 years combined and had many memorable meals worth writing about. And to think it all started with one terrible dinner. One that made me want to tell the world about it, even if by then, telling the world meant a handful of Googlers that serendipitously found my post. But there were more good meals than bad meals and those were even more rewarding to talk about.

Thing is, I always loved food and, despite the skinny figure, people always asked me where to eat. That’s why I kept writing about the good and the bad meals. For you, the people that take the time to read my often long reviews. And for you, who simply want to know where to go, here comes the Cliffs notes. So here it is; The Best of No Salad. A recap of the best dining experiences in the Bay Area and around the country. A year’s worth of meals; one epicure’s opinion.

Best Bay Area fine dining
Best Bay Area casual elegant dining
Best Bay Area casual dining
Best Bay Area Brunch
Best Bay Area small plates
Best Bay Area restaurant Burger
Best Bay Area restaurant desserts
Best Bay Area original design
Best Bay Area restaurant. Period.

Eat vicariously.


mattatouille said...

Looking forward to them, Haas! I've probably dined out more in the last six months than the last 5 years combined.

Chung Nguyen said...

Haas, just wanted to make sure you know that I LOVE NO SALAD AS A MEAL. Truly. Everything about it.

Keep it up! (:

Single Guy Ben said...

Has it really been just one year? Visiting this blog is like visiting a well-tuned glossy magazine! Congratulations on one year and many more to come!

Minnesota said...

Congrats and thanks for all you have shared with us in the past year. My eyes and my taste buds look forward to enjoying many more future editions of your magnificent blog.