Best Bay Area casual dining

Just 2 blocks down the street from The French Laundry, you can get a table at Bouchon and try Thomas Keller’s exceptional cuisine. The casual restaurant offers authentic French bistro fare prepared with top quality ingredients and unparallel sophistication.

The Runners-up

One of San Francisco’s most beloved restaurants serves contemporary American fare in an inventive yet honest celebration of flavors and ingredients. With a friendly atmosphere and exceptional service, it’s hard not to love Range.

There’s a reason tables are booked weeks in advance and walk-in parties sign up for very long waits. Craig Stoll’s Italian cuisine is second to none. With delicious appetizers, pastas, meats and desserts; even if you can’t beat the crowds, you’ll find it worth the wait.

Honorable mention

Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc brings together the casual comfort of family-style dining with the coveted high-end cuisine of the chef behind The French Laundry. A carefully orchestrated simplicity designed to make you feel at home; Thomas Keller’s home that is.

Well worth a trip

wd-50, NY
Wylie Dufresne’s cuisine challenges conventional expectations. His inventive combinations of flavors and textures are artfully presented in a tasting menu that never ceases to surprise. All in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

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